Acadian oriented rock

Unlike Quebec, nowadays Acadie has a greater content with bilinguism than their bigger sister: after the Great Upheaval of 1755, English became the main language spoken in the Maritimes, but for some Gaelic (both Irish and Scottish) settlements and, of course, those of native people such as the Mi'kmaq, who were in cahoots with the Acadians and helped by hiding them amongst their own during deportation. With time, Gaelic disappeared save in Cape Breton and the eastern Algonquin languages were secluded in their respective nations, but it was not until the 1960's that Chiac language was born in the urban area of Shediac: a mixture of French and English in which many artists like Cayouche or 1755 are not ashamed of singing in. I still wonder, though, what does UIC stand for?

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