Fan service

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崩れた 感情の果てに 何を見る?何がある?まだ知らない 

儚い 全ての未来は ただ無音に 目の前に 広がり続けた 
I first came upon the concept while googleing a synopsys for 学園黙示録 Highschool of the Dead: funny enough, most comments warned about the occurrence of -being these a series which revolves mostly about zombies on contemporary, suburban Japan- bouncing, oversized breasts and panchira all over the way, most notably on the covers of the original manga by Daisuke and Shōji Satō, as well as in other promotional art. Anyway, what's actually of note is HOTD's theme by Kishida Kyoudan & the Akeboshi Rockets, presented here in its extended live version: now that's what I call true «fan service»![endtext]

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