'Ee went to ze marché


Comment vous me reconnaissez pas? 
Oh, ben sâcrement! 
Oh, pis vous comprenez pas ce que je dis en plus? 
Oh, ben! 
I go and get my gun, 
j'en vise un pis je l'abats. 

Good ol' Gilles is, without a doubt, the man in Quebec -also from Acadie, since he has some impressive background-, of all the national feasts and parades and the best composer of unofficial national hymns with the word pays in its title. But he's also one of the greatest chansoniers of the francophony, only bested by his compatriot Leclerc and in the league of the Holy Trinity of the Chanson, able to take popular folk songs like the manual of Franco-canadian diglossy I Went to the Market and rearrange it as a protest song against bilinguism policies.[endtext]

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